Trash to Treasure
Trash to Treasure
Teddy Bear Collection
police receiving stuffed animals.
Stained glass windows!
Stained Glass Windows at Messiah Lutheran Church in Fairview Park
Messiah Volunteers Painting Luther Rose
Messiah Lutheran Church in Fairview Park Ohio
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Grace and Peace in Christ Jesus to All Who Visit Here
Messiah Lutheran Church is a large community of Christians on the  near-west side of Cleveland in Fairview Park, Ohio. We come together  week after week to remember that the death and resurrection of Jesus is  the best thing God has ever done for the world. It offers human beings a  new way to live with each other, and with God. It's also the key to the  future for everyone who will take the risk today of trusting it.  If  you live in our area and are looking for a busy, active church home  where people will encourage you to keep living and hoping in Christ, or  if you'd simply like to learn more about the Christian promise, we  invite you to come visit us!  

Messiah Lutheran Church Worship Schedule
Saturdays  5:30pm
Sundays 8:30am & 11:00am
Education Hour  9:50am-10:50am 
                     Fall serving schedule is available; click here

                     Laundry Love
                       Last Thursday of every Month
                       Next: November 29, 2018 6pm-8pm
                                 Leo's Laundromat
                                 20210 Lorain Rd.
                             Laundry Love is not a service project or something 
                            you do "to” or "for” people. It’s an expression of loving 
                            your neighbor. On the last Thursday of every month, 
                            Messiah Church provides the community with clean 
                            laundry free of charge, a wonderful meal, and the 
                            opportunity to meet some new friends.   
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