Make sure your child is preschool ready!

If you have been practicing academic skills with your child, great job! Continue to read daily with your child and familiarize them with numbers and counting in meaningful, day-to-day tasks.
To help your child prepare for preschool, parents should also help their children develop the following personal skills:
  • Self-care skills: Children must be potty-trained (able to use the toilet, wipe, and redress on their own, without wearing a pull-up during the day). Children should be able to wash their hands, and wipe/blow their nose.
  • Communication: Children should be able to communicate their basic needs, ideas, and feelings.
  • Independence: Children should be able to make choices in play and initiate simple tasks.
  • Ability to Follow Directions: Children should be able to understand and follow simple and multistep directions.
  • Ability to Follow a Schedule: Children should be able to transition from one activity to the next without great difficulty.
  • Social Skills: Children should be able to sit quietly for a short period of time, take turns, play with others, and keep hands and feet to themselves.
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