Church Council

Church Council

Messiah is governed by a council of 17 people of whom two are the pastor and the school principal.

The remaining 15 members are elected by the congregation at its annual meetings on the fourth Sunday of September. The elections take place on a revolving basis, five people being chosen every year to serve a three-year term. The council elects its own officers—president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer—who become the officers of the congregation as a whole.

Every member of the council, officers included, serves on one of three committees, each with an area of oversight: Mission and Ministry, Education and Enrichment, and Administration and Finance. Messiah's pastor and the principal of Messiah School also serve on the Council as voting members.

The council meets nine times a year, with an executive committee consisting of officers, the pastor, and the school principal meeting in intervening months.
We encourage you to learn who your council members are and to talk with them about interests and concerns you may have as members or friends of the congregation.
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