Visitors' FAQs

What are your child-care arrangements?
  • We have a well-equipped nursery for infants and toddlers, with people staffing it from 11 to 12:15 every Sunday morning between September and May, and from 9:35 to 11:15 during the summer. You'll be asked to sign your child in and out.
  • For parents who want to stay with restless children, we have Sunday morning seating in a special sound-equipped room with a window that allows both parents and little ones to see what's happening inside the sanctuary.
  • If you're coming to an event at other times and will need baby-sitting help, call the church office. We'll do out best to arrange it.
You have a big, confusing building. How do I find my way to the sanctuary, nursery, restrooms, etc.?
  • On Sunday morning there are two places where people will be waiting to help. One is in the lobby of the church sanctuary. Look for the ushers. They'll be the people handing out bulletins. The second place is in the Atrium, the glass-lined area midway along the length of our main building. You'll find a Welcome Desk there. It's staffed from 9:30 to 11:10. The person(s) behind it will be delighted to answer any questions and point you in the right direction.
  • At other times, look for somebody and ask. Don't be afraid to mention that you're visiting. Chances are very good that you'll be welcomed warmly. You won't be overwhelmed.
I am coming with someone in a wheelchair. Will there be access?
Yes. First step: look for parking in the Atrium Circle (see the handicapped sign at Property Layout.) Then come through the nearest doors. You'll see an elevator which will take you to the sanctuary floor as well as the commons downstairs. Inside the church sanctuary there's a special area for wheelchairs. It's near the front facing the pulpit. Feel free to use it.

Do you have special parking for visitors?
We do. If you pull into the east driveway from Lorain Rd. you'll immediately find four parking spaces reserved for Sunday visitors. If one is open, use it! Then come in through the nearest door. (Note: on weekdays that nearest door will be locked for security reasons. We suggest you look for weekday parking closer to the main doors. See Property Layout. )

Do you have any worship aids for people with hearing or eyesight issues?
In the sanctuary, yes. If you have trouble hearing an usher will be happy to give you a hearing-assistance device that feeds our sound system directly through an earpiece. If eyesight is the issue, ask for a large-print bulletin and hymnal.

I see you have communion at most of your services. I'm not a Lutheran. May I still partake?
We teach and believe that our altar is Christ's, and so are the gifts that come from it. In Holy Communion he promises to give us his body and blood in and with the bread and wine. Are you baptized? Do you share in the sacrament at the church you usually go to? Do you trust that Christ means what he says and promises, and do you know him to be your Lord? In that case understand that his invitation to eat and drink is meant as much for you as for anybody, and feel free to partake. Then again, if the church you usually attend would frown on this, we encourage you to give that your due consideration. Let your conscience be your guide, and your faith in Christ even more

Speaking of communion, every church seems to have its peculiar habits when it comes to distributing. What are yours?
You can read about this in the day's service bulletin. Instructions appear at the point where we're ready to come forward to receive. Two things to know right away. First, we use wine, not grape juice. Second, we do offer options for receiving the wine. You can either drink from a common cup—and old, old Lutheran habit, and a good one too—or you can dip ("intinct") the wafer of bread in another cup. Your best advice is to follow the lead of the people in front of you.

I notice that lots of people get mentioned in your Sunday morning prayers.How can I get somebody I know to be included?
If you can, call the church office a few days ahead of time and ask for this. Or on the Sunday itself, write the person's name on one of the purple cards that you'll find in the pew rack. Hand this to an usher before the service starts. He or she will make sure it reaches one of the pastors.

I'd like to talk to a pastor. Is that hard to arrange?
Not at all. Either of our pastors will be happy to meet with you. Send an email (see Staff/Bios for an email address link), or else call and leave a voice mail message. They'll be sure to respond.

Besides worship services, what else happens at Messiah on Sundays?
During the regular season, September through May, a number of things:
  • Coffee, tea, and other refreshments are served between 9:30 and 10 a.m. in area called the Fellowship Hall. An usher or Welcome Desk receptionist willl be happy to point the way
  • Classes for all ages run from 9:50 to 10:40. There's a Sunday School or confirmation class for every grade level from Pre-K through 8. High school students meet in the Middle School. There are at least three offerings from adults. They include a class led by a pastor, a prayer and conversation group called the Prayer Shawl Minisrtry, and often an additional study group or topical study. The Welcome Desk receptionist will get you where you want to go.
I have a couple of other questions. How do I get them answered?
Call or email the church office. You'll hear back promptly.

How can I transfer my membership to Messiah?
If you would like to join in membership at Messiah Lutheran Church, please indicate your interest on a visitor's card and a pastor will get in touch with you. You can also fill out this form and return it to the church office. If you are ready to transfer your membership to Messiah from another Lutheran congregation, please ask them to send us your transfer certificate. If you have any additional questions, please send us an email. New member classes are held several times throughout the year giving you an opportunity to learn more about Messiah and the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America).
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