Tuition / Financial Aid

Every student receives the Messiah Scholarship

The cost of a K-8 education at Messiah is $8,235 and we are blessed that no family pays the full tuition. Every student receives the Messiah Scholarship, and many receive additional scholarships through their congregation, need-based aid, or other scholarship funds. The result is a variable tuition rate, ranging from $0 to $6,305 per year, in which no family pays more than they can manage, and every family benefits from a meaningful investment in their child's future. 
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Additional Scholarships Available

1. Active Member Discounts
Active Members in the Messiah Lutheran Church congregation receive an additional scholarship of $1,350. This is in addition to the $1,930 Messiah Scholarship, provided to all Messiah students regardless of congregation membership.
2. Partners in Ministry Scholarships
Messiah seeks to offer an outstanding Christ-centered education to its members and to others in the Christian community. While we encourage Messiah families without home congregations to consider membership at Messiah Lutheran Church, it is not our intention to attract transfers from other Christian churches in the area. We encourage those families to remain active members at their churches and offer Subsidies and Referral scholarships of up to $1,350 through our Partners in Ministry program for members of other congregations.
3. EdChoice Scholarships
Through the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship program, full scholarships are now available to incoming Kindergarten through fourth grade students who qualify based on income. These scholarships are renewable through the 8th grade. For more information about qualifications and application, download the following information sheets.

4. The Cleveland Scholarship
The Cleveland Scholarship Program provides students who reside within the Cleveland Municipal School District the opportunity to attend participating private schools, like Messiah School. We now offer Cleveland Scholarships for up to full tuition from the State of Ohio. For more information about qualifications and application, download the following information sheets. 
5. Need-based Financial Aid Application
To apply for additional financial aid based on need, please fill out the FACTS Financial Aid Application. This step should be completed after a student has already been accepted into Messiah Lutheran School, and after parents have had a chance to discuss tuition and financial aid with Messiah staff.

6. K-8 Multi-Child Discount
Families with more than one child will receive a tuition discount of $300.

7. K-8 Military Discount
As an expression of gratitude, Messiah offers a tuition discount of $300 for all children of active-duty U.S. military personnel.
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